These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

Hi everyone, Sugar and Cookie here. We just wanted to have a heart to heart with all of our fans out there. We have been reminiscing about our childhood and some of our favorite memories. Number one most important thing about us that everyone should know is that we are very attached to one another and we do everything together. Our mommy never separates us. We sleep together, eat at the same time, go out for walks together, shop together and go to the doctor together. We are twins after all.


We also turn our heads at the same time, we think alike, we like the same foods and we love each other very much. Cookie weighs just 3 1/2 pounds and I, sugar, weigh seven pounds. Like any sibling, no one is exactly the same size including us.


We depend on each other for support in everything we do and every place we go. We were born on July 19, 2013  and we have the same mommy and daddy. They are white and fluffy like us. We were born under the sign of cancer so that means we love being near the water, hence we live in Miami, Florida. Because we are cancers, we are naturally family oriented.


When we were babies we had so many toys and outfits and treats. I guess we were a little spoiled but we are all grown up now. We’re now five years old. Our favorite toys believe it or not are kitty toys. We especially love the fuzzy little mice because we can carry them in our mouth. We are also drawn to squeaky toys


Our favorite food is pizza crust, hands down. We are not supposed to have too much but it is delicioso.


Our favorite hobby is modeling. We are extremely photogenic. We also enjoy going anywhere with mom. Outings are always fun.


We hope that you enjoyed our little “getting to know us” time.


Please let us know if you have any questions. We will gladly respond back!



Sugar & Cookie