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Why training is essential

Not sure how many of you know this about us, but we are pretty smart kids. Cookie was a school drop out. She is very intelligent, but just did not want to listen. Personally, I think she ran out of motivation once her belly was full of training treats. I on the other hand, graduated Summa Cum Laude.. I completed puppy class, intermediate class, advanced class, and my good canine citizens class. I was also selected to be in a training video to show how exemplary a dog could be. Cookie on the other hand, was the mascot for the class. Everyone enjoyed holding her while I did all the work... Well, my computer time is up, so I'll just hand you over to mom now.

Growing up, my family always had dogs. In fact, my parents bred Collie dogs, who were descendants of Lassie; a famous TV personality dog. Later in life, I had a Rottweiler who was a champion, and who was also ranked sixth in the Nation for one year. So when I bought Sugar and Cookie I planned on having them trained. I originally hired a dog trainer to evaluate Sugar and Cookie to see what their strengths and weaknesses were. The trainer wanted them to get used to socializing with other dogs and to get used to wearing a collar and a leash, and to learn to follow commands. I decided to enroll them in her training program.

Training is a very important and serious step in a dog's life. You and your dog must understand each other at all times for safety reasons as well as trust and protection. This is so that your dog can live in a society that has rules that need to be followed. There are leash laws, potty training, biting, socializing, fears, anxiety, being leader of the pack. These are all things that can be prevented or corrected in puppy class. Today I feel as though Sugar and Cookie are two very smart, well behaved dogs and they are very easy to live with at that. I credit their training classes as the reason for their good behavior.

Love, Sugar & Cookie.

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