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Visiting the Vet

Hi everyone, Sugar here. I am the calm and reasonable one of the Sugar and Cookie duo. Today I want to talk to all of my friends about going to the vet. Cookie and I would like to express our deepest sympathy for all of our fellow dogs and cats that must go through this scary experience.

There is no way around it and when it's your time, our advice would be

to deal with it the best you can and remember not to bite the doctor, that is a big no-no.

We recently visited our vet, Dr. Nancy Wilber, in March. We kind of knew that we were on our way there. We recognized the smells and the different landmarks. Cookie started to shake and yelp as soon as we arrived. Me, I just mentally prepared for the worse. I hide things pretty well but cookie wears her heart on her sleeve. At the veterinary hospital, things took a turn for the worse. Cookie could not calm herself, she was extremely anxious. I think there are pills for this kind of thing, right? I mean natural calming pills, of course.

This was a wellness visit. Doctor Nancy needed to give us a bordetella shot, a leptospira vaccine, a da2p vaccine, a heartworm test and oh yes, a physical exam to make sure that everything was in working order.

Since we live in Miami Beach, Florida, a highly populated area with both animals and people, it is very important for us to be up to date with all of our shots. The chances of getting sick are much higher if you live in a city versus a house in the country.

Getting our rabies shot is a state law so we can not get out of that one. The bordetella shot protects us from other dogs in kennels and social situations and leptospira keeps us safe when we go into the grass and soil. This vaccination protects us against rat fever, exposure to wild animals feces.

Dr. Nancy has known us since we were babies. She knows that I am the calm and serious one and that Cookie is a crazy girl but she loves us both and treats us with tender loving care. All of the nurses love us too and come to think of it, so do all the girls that work in the reception area. They know we are special.

Well with that being said, we certainly were happy to exit from there and get back to our Miami fun life with lots of hugs and treats from Mom for being such good little girls.

Remember, we love you and we will be sending out more love real soon

Love, Sugar & Cookie

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