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The best treats and snacks for your pets.

When it comes to spoiling your furry loved ones to some treats in between meals, or simply rewarding them for being good, it is very important that you choose something that is just as healthy as it is yummy. More often than not, we tend to see articles online or on T.V. warning us about treats with very high fat content, or raw hide bones, which cause digestive irritation. These can even contain traces of salmonella, E.coli or toxic chemicals. For this reason, I am very careful in what I feed my fur babies. Cookie was diagnosed with pancreatitis in April 2015, and was admitted into the animal hospital for a few days. She was not allowed to consume any solid food throughout her stay, and was being sustained by an I.V. fluid. It was a very nerve wracking time, and for that reason she has a very specific diet the vet prescribed to her. Sugar and Cookie both alternate from Purina's Pro Plan Veterinary Diets; EN Gastroenteric canine formula, and Hill's Prescription Diet, Digestive Care in the chicken & vegetable stew flavor. I would say Hill's is their favorite, due to it being much more juicy and chockfull of veggies.

Sugar and cookie are treat connoisseurs, and take snack time very seriously. Sugar in particular, if you couldn't already tell. It has been a trial and error process, choosing treats for Cookie that does not upset her stomach. Fortunately, it has been a success. Primal Pet Foods make jerky pork nibs, that they go wild for. Every time they hear that bag open, their ears perk up.. their tails start wagging, and their mouths water! With only 3 simple ingredients, which are honey, sea salt and pork heart, it is a very clean and healthy habit. It is naturally moist, a single source, high protein snack, grain and gluten free with no preservatives.

Second runner up, but still just as nutritious is Solid Gold Tiny Tots Lamb Recipe. These are soft and chewy treats with real ingredients, no filler and carefully crafted and have over 40 years of Holistic Pet Nutrition experience. I only feed them treats after their breakfast, and when they have come back from a walk. Now, I take them out for at least 4 or 5 short walks a day. They are very active puppies and love the Miami weather.

Of course, after breakfast, dinner and snacks in between.. it is crucial to keep in mind how important our beloved canine's dental hygiene is as much as our own. Many veterinarians and professional groomers suggest brushing your pets teeth as you would your own, but I personally don't find that to be the best option for my little munchkins. Sugar and Cookie are much too small, and gentle for me to do something that is invasive in their mouths. They wiggle, and squirm, and do not enjoy it one bit. Although, I have found an effective alternative!

Greenies are a great way to remove tartar and plaque build up on teeth, and the soft, flexible consistency helps maintain healthy gums as well. They are 100% edible, and 95.7% digestible, which is great considering that they double as a tasty treat. I feed them the grain free formula because it is great for dogs with sensitive stomachs or grain allergies. It also has fewer calories than the original Greenies and promotes a healthy weight, as well as a strong immune system. They do not eat these as regularly as they eat their other treats, every two to three weeks, more or less, with the purpose to maintain their teeth fresh and clean.

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